Who Says You Can’t?

A long standing student returned to class this term after having spent last term welcoming and enjoying her new grandchild.  I had introduced the concept of zentangles a couple of terms ago and she decided it what something she wanted to explore. What a great relaxing doodling technique?  Although it’s nothing new – take a look at some of Escher’s work.  But I digress…

Frances proudly showed off some small cards with beautiful and precise patterns and designs.

Who says I have to?
Who says I have to?

She named each little picture and the photo to the right shows what she wrote on one card.  As she made ‘errors’ with her mark making according to the instructions she realised that she didn’t have to follow them if her work wasn’t going that way.  “Who says I have to?”

Who says I have to?
Who says I have to?

So, indeed! Who says you have to? Who says you can’t?  Who says you can’t mix one media with another? Who says your can’t follow your own patterns? Who says you can’t colour outside the lines? Who says you can’t draw?

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